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As a wedding photographer, there are countless mistakes that can hinder your growth as a photographer. We talked to a Dunsborough wedding photographer and here we list 4 wedding photography mistakes to avoid:

1. Not discussing the requirements
If you haven’t met the bride and groom even once before the wedding day, you are doing it wrong. For the best pictures, you need to have a connection established with them. You also need to know their requirements in advance. For example, what pose is the most comfortable for them, what do they want in their photographs and what they don’t want at all. Knowing the dos and don’ts will help you a great deal on the wedding day.
2. Not sticking to a schedule
A wedding photographer’s task is not only to shoot the bride and groom but also to take shots of family, friends and everyone else. Time management is the key to a successful wedding shoot. Stick to a time limit. While most of the people will enjoy having themselves clicked, as a wedding photographer you need to realise that it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone finds a place in the frame. In case you require help for the family shots, you can pick a family member who can guide the shoot.

3. Working alone
While it may seem like a great idea to shoot the entire wedding event alone, this can present challenges. Preparation is the key to success. Preparation with equipment, timing, subject and locations ensures this will run smoothly. With more experience you will become more confident in working alone.

4. Listening to other’s advice
As a professional photographer, you know best about your work. While it is good to get inputs, it is not a good thing to shun your own perspective and listen to the advice that is being given. You will face this situation many times as a wedding photographer, where people will tell you to not follow your technique and click them the way they want but you have to be assertive and follow your approach.

Further Note
Make sure that you stay updated with the latest wedding photography trends. This will help you earn more clients and a good reputation.

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